Collection 2 written

Yes that's right I have managed to write up the instructions for the first of the 59 collections. Well actually the first of the 49 full collections. I am sure the part blocks aren't going to take me anywhere near as long as I have already completed the foundation papers for those.

It took me three days to write up all of the instructions and then my laptop wouldn't talk to my printer...temperamental thing! Anyway as the laptop wouldn't talk to the printer I had to transfer the file onto a thumb drive and then onto my Mac. 

All was going well when Charmaine phoned. So of course being of the modern age I figured anyone can multitask when the only tasks I am needing to do are copy onto a thumb drive and talk. Not hard you say. 

Unfortunately my thumb drive was too full to take the file. So no problem all that was needed was to delete some stuff off the thumb drive... some things like old back up files of my past three days work. Delete..still not enough space....delete .. more space needed.. I know the problem is that I haven't been emptying the recylce bin so although I have dragged the files away they are still taking up space....seemed logical to me. 

empty bin... 'are you sure? asks polite PC. "you bet I am ... so away it goes. 

Now to drag across file.... It's gone!! Oh phooey. I hadn't been clearing out my thumb drive I had been clearing out my hard drive! Including my back up files. Three days work down the drain!

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