Carol has been busy

Green with Envy
 Well Carol has been very busy.  Here we have another three of her blocks from Collection 4.
Doesn't she use such a wonderful array of fabrics. 
I was 'talking', well emailing with one of her friends a few days ago and mentioned about her colour selection.
Rainbow Semaphore
 I am sure Carol won't object to my publishing her friend's comments "Carol’s colour scheme?  Is there ever such a thing in her vocabulary?  She uses whatever she has and everything is as Joseph’s Coat."
Isn't it great when one's friends see our strengths and still love us with them!
Your Decision
Green With Envy was named after looking at my husband's garden and all of the wonderful produce he reaps from his efforts.  I love the flowers, vegetables and fruit but unfortunately am too lazy to contribute more than the worm wee (?) and bokashi compost. 
Rainbow Sempahore was named because it resembles what I thought would be semaphore 
flags.  I don't know if it is accurate though as I have never seen the flags.
Carol's skills with applique, in Your Decision, are definitely better than mine, which is why I pieced this block rather than attempt the applique as she did. This block evolved from an old maths graph, the sine/cosine curve. These graphs are identical but placed differently on the number plane, hence the title.

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