Collection 3 - Carol Le Maitre

Fox Pawed
 Yet another seven blocks completed. It is great to see all of Carol's bright colours. So different from what I started with. Raconteur was supposed to be my first pastel quilt.  About thirty blocks into it I discovered that I was not a pastel person and so although I tried to primarily work with pastels I ended up using many birght pastels. I love the sense of adventure which Carol shows with her choice of colours.
So where did the names come from for these blocks?
After the Showers
Fox Pawed was named after I accidentally cut some of the fabrics from the wrong fabric and so had to work out a new design with the pieces. Friends of mine at uni had lived in a house they called Fox Paw Manor a play on the french faux pas and I have always remembered this and call errors fox paws with friends.
Burning Bright
After the Showers was completed one afternoon as I relaxed at home watching the birds come to life and foraging for food after a long wet spell.  The bow ties resembled their wings and the central start their prey.
Burning Bright appeared to me like the explosions from the midngiht fireworks of New Year's Eve.
Kitchikan Jewels
On a trip to Alaska one year I purchase a few bags of coloured pebbles as I collect strange things at times. These small pebbles sparkle so and are used in one of our board games and so Ketchikan Jewels  was named.
One to the Left
One to the Left was named because it was another error and the outer blocks were supposed to be placed outside of the kite but as I didn't have the design with me when I was sewing it I put it where I thought it belonged but that was one spot to the left.
 Paprika reminded of the spice of the same name, hot and sweet. And last but not least is Raspberry Swirl, why are so many of my blocks named after food... probably because I love food and sweets in particular:) 
Raspberry Swirl
These are definitely a gorgeous collection and should look great when finally sewn together into a full quilt.

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