Collection 5 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 5 

C5 Behind Walls
C5 Pointing the Finger

C5 Gift wrapped

C5 Echoes
C5 Baby Blue
   C5 Mums Among the Gold
C5 Taylor's World
I will need to work out a better way of displaying these blocks. Might try adding background to the blocks next time I crop them....if I can work out how to that is:)

Collection 5 contains some of my favourite blocks and many were early blocks in the design and making of Raconteur. How can I tell this? By looking at the colours used. Raconteur was to be my first 'pastel' quilt. However as I progressed I decided that baby pastels were just not my style and although I attempted to still remain in the pastel range I ventured into the stronger pastels such as those used in Mums Among the Gold, Echoes and Behind Walls.
So now for the origin of the names. Some are easily seen such as Mums Among the Gold - this one is a direct reference to the fabrics used. The bright pink reminded me of chrysanthemums and although not clear in the photo, the background fabric is a gold print on a white background.
Baby Blue I explained in a post earlier this month.
Taylor's World was named after a student that I taught and the title is from a book which her mum, Jenny, wrote about Taylor's first few years and the trials and tribulations in the family during those years. Taylor is a great kid and I enjoyed teaching her. She is someone who gives her best all of the time.
Echoes should have been called Ripples as it was named after the effect you see when dropping pebbles in the water but at the time the only word I could think of was echoes.
Behind the Walls - doesn't each individual section remind you of someone sitting alone in a little room, locked in their own thoughts and own world. Are they all the same or just that little bit different? You will never know for certain.
Pointing the Finger was named after a long day spent mainly in primary schools. One thing which I always found interesting when working with children from toddler stage to the end of high school was the different ways that problems were sorted. I understood little kids would cry, you ask, they tell the cause...easy peasy. High school they sort out a lot of things with their friends or by themselves. Primary school they dob... jealous about something... dob on the kid, angry with someone...dob, doing the wrong thing...dob on someone else.... the day is full of kids dobbing, which is a slang word meaning to tell on someone or point the finger.
Gift Wrapped - don't the arrow heads remind you of that gorgeous ribbon bow that arrives upon parcels which are wrapped by someone who has a lot more skill than I do with curling ribbon. Every year at Xmas I attempt to master the curling ribbon with scissors trick... never does it look as beautiful as my expectations or someone else's effort... but I keep hoping.

For some other colour combinations check out Carol's blocks. I have linked each of her blocks to the block title above so click on them and check them out. These were all made last February and it is good to see the blocks made in different colours.
Don't forget to email your photos so that I can also include them here in the blog. Everyone loves to see what others are doing.

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  1. Oh these are beautiful! I love hexies so much and the fact that you made designs within them is just genius!!!!