Collection 4 - Where Did That Name Come From?

The title Your Decision comes from the fact that the curve in this block is a basic one from mathematics. It is known as either a sine cure or a cosine curve, the only difference between the two is where they start.
While making the block I couldn't decide which fabric would be the feature and which the background. The decision decides the border fabric - your decision.

C4 Green With Envy
Green With Envy is a simple block made when I was practicing making very small strips and then trying a bargello idea. The name came purely from the fabrics which were two beautiful Japanese florals - bet you wouldn't have guessed that. 

C4 Your Decision
The fine strips in Rainbow Semaphore suggested the flags waving about when people used flags on a pole for semaphore... or what I think they looked like.
C4 Rainbow Semaphore
Do you remember the lovely floral frocks you wore as a child on a Summer's Day.. well if you were born in the 50s or early 60s that is..before the advent of stretch wear.

C4 Summer's Day
New Beginnings was made as a reminder to the start of a new life for my sister and her son when they moved into their own place.

C4 Birds at the Window
I was visiting my brother-in-law one day and as we sat having coffee and cake, non-fattening almost, there were a couple of Birds protesting at the Window. My BIL feeds many of the birds in the area and they felt it was time for their snack too.
           C4 New Beginnings
Oh the freedom when you ventured out to the paddocks with just your bucket, wearing shorts and T-shirts to pick the sweet blackberries.... such fun.. and even though you returned home scratched all over from the thorns, did you remember to dress more appropriately next time? Not me... Blackberry Freedom

      C4 Blackberry Freedom
Which is your favourite block?

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