Collection 8 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 8 - can you believe we have come so far already? This collection contains a few of my favourite blocks, many of which were made early on as can be told by the soft pastel fabrics that were used.
C8 Spring Surprise

Spring Surprise was given its name because of the soft fabrics reminded me of the pansies that were blooming at the time.
C8 Too Many Thorns

Too Many Thorns - Just like our roses so many points and so many thorns.

Banana Custard - this must have been made in winter. With my sweet tooth banana custard is one of my many favourites.
C8 Banana Custard

C8 City Living

City Living - the tightness of this design suggested what I see as life in the city - Too much! Too close! The dream of distant open spaces.

Rising Mist - Umbrellas within a sea of blue. What better name?
C8 Rising Mist

C8 Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic - Doesn't the floral fabric remind you of those frocks we all wore when we were younger.

King of Versailles - yes this was made during one of our visits to our son who was studying in Paris at the time. A beautiful city and so suited to us. We loved the early morning walks where many streets were empty as the city didn't wake up until 10:00.
C8 King of Versailles

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