Collection 9 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 9 - moving along the second row of the quilt..only a few more rows to go:)

The origins of Sports Day was in my previous post
C9 Sports Day

Childish Tube - do you remember that old tractor tyre that you would take to the local swimming hole. Everyone would hang onto it or then you would play King of the Castle and see who could stay on the longest. Wrapping your legs as tight as possible around the tube was your only chance of staying on.
C9 Childish Tube

Accepted Few is a reminder of the nastiness of schools and the groups, who is in and who is not. School isn't always a happy place for one and all.
C9 Rabbits in the Light

Rabbits in the Light  yes I was a country kid and we did go rabbit hunting. When I was a child it was to provide food on the table and the way my mum prepared it was the best. Nothing as sweet as memories of childhood favourites.
C9 Accepted Few

Denali is a mountain in Alaska and although it is quite high the day we visited there was so much cloud cover that all that could be seen were a couple of smallish hills
C9 Portrait Pain

Portrait Pain we have all been there photos.. stand straight look this way smile all know the routine... My eldest always hated them and although he had the money to pay for the photos he would regularly skip out, particularly at high school. I think I only have two photos of him while there.
C9 Denali

When Two are One was made to represent how two people in love can develop as one each making the other complete.
C9 When Two are One

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