Carol's Collections

Collection 5 Variation
Carol has started to combine her blocks to form a couple of collections. In this blue collection Carol used five of the original blocks from Collection 5 plus two of her own original blocks.
I have enlarged one of her original blocks which fascinates me. It appears to be one of those Japanese folding blocks. I have written to Carol asking how to make these and will include instructions once I receive them....

I hope you can see this block clearly, it is the largest that I could make it. carol has used a bright yellow/orange in the centre which just peeps out.
I have one of those clover puff quilting tools.. yes another whim I had to have which has only been taken out of the packet once. Read the instructions and thought hmmm.
A task for this afternoon.

May be worth trying for my next baby's quilt :) I am now up to my third attempt and boy is sizing proving a problem.... first attempt turned out to be single bed size while second one will be queen size. It's a good thing I don't actually have a baby in need of a cot quilt :)

collection 6 Variation

The second collection are blocks taken mainly from collection 6. Don't the colour changes make the collection look totally different. The Roses in the central block are gorgeous. Carol uses a lot of fussy cutting to highlight features in her blocks. I love the appearance of fussy cut blocks but have never done a lot of it.... less patience than others:)