Positive Moments

What a coincidence. Paul has been reading about ways to alleviate anxiety and one of the methods he has been suggesting I try is to focus on the positive things around us.

Well being unable to sleep I decided to do a little surfing and what should appear on a blog I often check out. Interested? Check out Erica's blog. As she says focus on the positive moments in life. We'll all be the richer for it.

Plus she has some pretty interesting quilting ideas that she is trying out if you are into creative things.

Today's positives - a girl I work with has been practicing a saying "If I can say it, I can write it.  I can do it".  
She has difficulty saying words and so is reluctant particularly to say new words in case people think she is silly.  Have you ever tried to spell a new word without saying it .. even if it is only in your head?  Today she tried it and happily spelt most of the words correctly and more importantly confidently. 

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