BOM 26 - Consternation

Consternation or concern..will I use it or discard it? When making this block and several others I didn't realise that the triangular middle would mean that the block would sit better on point. However in Raconteur the individual blocks are actually sitting flat. when I at first realised this I had already made about ten or so blocks as so had to decide replace them or leave them...... I was feeling lazy at the time and so they remained.


BOM 25 - Space Invaders

Space Invaders that mindless game that stole many hours from me. I loved this game and played it incessantly when I had time to fill in a place I didn't want to be
Paul wondered why I was so good at it when we met :)


BOM 24 - Ribbons Aflutter

Don't the small floral fabrics used in this block remind you of the times as a child when you held some long ribbons in your hand as you ran around and they fluttered in the wind behind you?


Success for Carol

Earlier this year Carol entered this block into the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks celebration edition which was to mark Issue 10 and 1000 new blocks. 
Well she has now heard that her block was selected and so another Aussie designer hits the international stage.
Well done Carol.


BOM 23 - Sweet Caress

The free BOM for this month is a hand pieced gem. It was one of my early ones of moving into combining circles with different outers. Although I pieced the whole of this block I know that many others are choosing to appliqué the circle over the top of the otherwise completed block. We all have our own preferred methods.


Something Old and Something New

OK so I'm still playing with hexagons, even though it is about time I put my mind back onto the wedding quilt. But you have to admit it is cute isn't it? 

The hexagons for this are actually elongated hexagons and each side is only 1/4in. An elongated hexagon has two angles that are 90 degrees and the other angles are by my calculations 135 degrees.

I suppose I should have put a coin or something else beside it for reference ... next time I promise but if you can take my word for it this section is a bit under 6in high and 4 1/2in wide. Next instalment next weekend.

I saw this quilt in a museum. The original had been used to cover a tractor until it was rescued and repaired. Looks good so far. Oh the original was a lot bigger but again I want a take anywhere project and even when this whole quilt is finished I doubt it will be much bigger than an A3 sheet of paper.


BOM 22- Nuclear Free

WOW I can't believe there are people still going with this. Although I enjoyed making Raconteur my application came and went. It took me six years to make and whenever I sewed it I must admit I loved it, but my interest did fluctuate at times. I can remember one time I made two or three blocks a day, every day for a few weeks. Then I came to my senses and resumed a sensible schedule...of making lots of different quilts at the one time :)

Well here is the BOM for September, Nuclear Free. The name is obvious from the nuclear symbol. I always found it odd as we drive to Sydney there is a sign up saying nuclear free zone. I wonder if the people there are also against the radiation therapy used for cancer etc. There are negative sides and positive sides to most things.


Canberra Quilt Show

Woo hoo! Two red ribbons plus a viewers choice at the recent Canberra Quilt Show. 

 Exploring Stitches was second in Mixed Media, while Post Scripts was second in Tiny Treasures and also winner of Viewers' Choice for the Small Quilts section. Great day all round.

If you have time to surf here is a link to all of the winners there are some real beauties there. I particularly liked second place in the bed quilts professional. What is your favourite?


Colouring In - what a wonderful pastime

I was talking with Chris who is just about to begin her Raconteur journey....nothing in particular and lots about this and that. You all know how conversations have a tendency to wander. Keeps ones interest, or checks if they are paying attention :0

Anyway whilst typing up a response I had a thought.... perhaps Chris can quilt. I know that is a skill I'm lacking in and it does affect my designs at times. Well I picked up the idea that perhaps Chris could do more than a mean walking foot and so decided to try out an alternative border plan.

Rather than framing each collection in the same colour/fabric if the separate bands took in both sides of the outer border strip it would allow someone with some quilting skills a wider strip to work with. I did a quick colouring of the layout sketch for king size layout and the theory looks good. Wonder what it would be like in real life. Ah so many ideas and so little time.


Festival of Quilts UK

Well guess what? At the UK Festival of Quilts last week Raconteur was lucky enough to win Viewer's Choice for Thursday!! Woohoo! Can you see the smile on my face? I have heard this is the biggest show in the UK and Europe and after looking at the photos of the winning entries I can honestly say had I realised how big a competition it is I would never have had the confidence to enter..but I'm glad I did.
Here is the organiser's facebook page, but for some real eye candy here Fiona's photos, she even has a photo of THE quilt. The photo above is just one of the many that I liked. One day I will go the the soon as I win lotto.

Oh for anyone wanting the link to my website for Raconteur here it is


BOM 21 - Through the Lattice

Collection 21
One of my experiments with non-hexagon blocks. some variations worked better with the change than others but this is one that I did like. Several blocks from this experiment are still in my pile of oughts..probably never to be used.

Carol loves Florals

Collection 51

Another collection completed. I have to choose Colours of Age as my favourite in this collection. I just adore how the purple stands out against the roses. Can't say if it is my favourite because of the colours or the fact that I love roses.
C51 When I am King

C51 Colours of Age

C51 Amethyst

C51 Pretty Maid

C51 Star Within

C51 Rising Mist

C51 Tail Spin


BOM 19 - Place d'Italie

Collection 19
This is an interesting block with its mixture of small and large pieces. I had planned to have six of the smaller triangles in the inner section but somehow misplaced them and as I didn't have any spare blue fabric with me changed the block so that I could sew that night.


Revising Tutorials

As it has been a while since some of the tutorials were posted I thought this would be a good time to write a quick summary with links for people who have joined recently.

If you are new here, or even if you have been here a while but didn't know, at times people have sent in suggestions to help others. Here is a round up with links to previous posts.

Foundation Piecing -
How to plus a couple of simple beginners level blocks here

English Paper Piecing
I have only ever used EPP with 1/4in hexagons and didn't use it for Raconteur but Carol swears by it. She was the one who asked for the templates and if not for her request then there would have been no EPP templates.
Sue Daley has made a series of youtube videos about EPP. These appear good but I found that one needed more patience than I had to use this because of the size of the pieces. The video demonstrates with large pieces.
I have personally found that if you want to use glue with such small pieces then Roxannes glue is the best because of the fine applicator
This post talks about a site by flossie cakes and the wealth of information there
Post about a new product for EPP. I haven't tried this product yet but Sue Daley is well respected in Australia and is know as the queen of EPP. here

Applique is a method I have never enjoyed. You will be surprised to find that I have pieced many blocks which others may do using appliqué. This post provides a list of links to various appliqué sites.

Photographing Your Blocks
just a few suggestions on how to take photos of your blocks to make it easier form to photoshop and upload them. Btw if you want a copy of your cropped photo just ask me when you send it in and I will happily send it back to you. here


Carol & Collection 58

Collection 58

Well Carol has definitely been steaming away whilst I have been overseas. Collection 58 .... almost to the end. Then we will have the fun of seeing how she combines them. I joined the blocks so that the colours complemented each other with no preconception beforehand. This is a sampler for her to join as she wishes. Can't wait!
C58 Smiling in Red

Smiling in Red and Celtic Gem I recognise both of those fabrics. Would check to see where they were in Raconteur but it is amazing how hard it can be to track down a particular fabric in that quilt.
C58 Celtic Gem

 Stripes would have to be my favourite, every wonky ones
C58 A New Kingdom

Garden Party would you believe me if I told you that there are seven different fabrics in each triangle ... and the triangle is less than 2in high!
A New Kingdom was designed in the middle of the night... no wonder it has so many tiny pieces. No one in their right mind would 'plan' on that many pieces!
C58 Garden Party


Ohhhh Look!!!

I decided last night to see if I could find an image of Raconteur with its rosettes and look what I found! There are more photos of other quilts from the UK National Quilt Competition here

It was interesting to see the different way that the quilts are displayed.
For those not from Australia, generally in our competitions the cloths used behind the quilts are black, although these are not always used. Also the quilts are hung in long aisles, side by side. This doesn't appear to be the same from the photos.

One thing I am curious about. If you know please leave a comment .... are the quilts arranged so that those from the same category are hung together or are the quilts arranged by size?
Generally here they are arranged by size and so if someone wants to see which quilts were in a particular category it is necessary to refer to the catalogue and wander throughout the entire show... apart from the miniature category that is.


UK National Quilt Championships

Well I received a fantastic email this morning ...... read below....


Hi Cinzia

 I’m not quite sure how to start this! So here goes:

Katy has left a message with your son via the phone number on your Sandown Quilt Entry form for T 02 ‘The Raconteur’s Quilt’.The message is as follows:

Your quilt has won awards in these categories –

Sampler award
Pieced award
Theme category winner
Overall Runner Up

I’m sure she said that you are currently out of the country, but we thought you’d like to know at the earliest possible moment – well done! If you have someone who you would like to nominate to collect your trophies and rosettes at the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 pm – and they are able to attend, let me know and I’ll make the necessary arrangements.

I know it’s a bit late in the evening, now, but I’ll be in the office from 0730 in the morning.

On behalf of all of us at Grosvenor, can I offer our congratulations on your success. Without quilt entries there wouldn’t be a competition, so thank you for entering your quilt – dare I say ‘your mum would be proud’.

Well done, speak soon


My son will be surprised when he finds out. I'm not sure when that will be as he only switches his phone when he KNOWS that he will be receiving a call :) Definitely not one of the young who feels he must stay connected.


Getting Closer

Collection 55

Well what do you think of the great range of colours in this collection. Carol is almost at the end and then the fun begins deciding which blocks will go together. She is definitely looking forward to seeing which colours go with which. .. Me too!
C55 Sneezing

C55 Fifty & Loving It

C55 Fields Lay Fallow

C55 Over the Headland

C55 Inspirations
C55 Peacock Pride
C55 Friday Night Flowers


BOM 18 - Evening Star

Collection 18
Evening Star is a simple star that I often use when teaching foundation piecing to students. It has so much forgiveness when it comes to joining sections that the student can hide a cartful of errors. Try it I am sure you will agree.


So Many Points

Collection 54

Well this must have been one of the pointiest collections. Love Bygone Days and Blood from the Dust. They looked so different in fabric from the original sketches.
C54 Stars Upon the Snow

C54 Blood from the Dust

C54 Beside the Fountain

C54 Bygone Days

C54 Fred & Ginger

So which block is missing?
C54 Jellyfish Swirl


Norwegian Folk Museum

Well I am improving on writing posts for this blog on my iPad, although the formatting is still a struggle. Often I use a table format so that photos and writing will line up. However I haven't been able to make the tables work on the iPad and will probably have to fix these up when I return home.

Formatting and layout aside I thought people might like to see some of the embroidery work that was on display at the folk museum.
This piece was only about 25cm wide. If you are able to enlarge it you will see magnificent stitching.


Nursery Rhymes & Collection 6

Collection 6

Just a few more blocks from the Nursery Rhyme quilt. These blocks were taken from collection 6. Funny how we take a liking to a design and use it time and again. 

Crystal Dreams has featured in three quilts so far. 
Firstly in the original Raconteur quilt, where the colour choice was so terrible that you couldn't see it unless looking for it. Next I used it in Snippets, which is a collection of seven blocks that I taught at various retreats where people wished to start on their own Raconteur. Finally it is here in Nursery Rhymes. I know I will use it again as I have seen it made using a variety of colours in the one block and it looked good enough to try ..yet again :)
C6 Crystal Dreams

C6 Disappearing Hope

Disappearing Hope what a strange name and no idea where it came from but I do like the effect here with the blue outer border making your eyes lose the white design and focus on the blue.