Printing Mary

Just thought I would show you how HUGE the Mary Prince blocks are :0

Wouldn't you like to make one or two. Very cheap in fabric. A 4 3/4in x 7 1/2in rectangle of fabric fits 42 hexagons. How do I know this? Simple because rather than using English Paper Piecing, which btw is now known as mosaic quilting/piecing, anyway rather than using that I'm sewing Mary Prince the old fashioned way of sewing along the seam line.

Making it modern rather than drawing my own sewing lines on I'm printing them.

It is really easy. Once you have the file all you need to do is iron your fabric SECURELY onto a piece of freezer paper then send it through your printer and viola you have a piece of fabric with both the sewing and cutting lines already drawn on them. A lot faster than either EPP or drawing on your lines the old fashioned way.
Now all I need is a quick way to sew them together :)

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