Should Have Flown South

Well it definitely looks like this little fellow is ready for the winter. Pity he didn't prepare ahead of time and flown south then he wouldn't have needed the hat and boots. He is a funny fellow and I found him in Quiltmakers 100 blocks volume 9 I think. I can't find the magazine otherwise I would also write down who the designer is. She created a little beauty.

It's funny the things we learn and remember. When I was only a littlie..yes I know it was several years ago but anyway at that time all of our books were published in the northern hemisphere .. or at least I believe they were. So why do I have this belief. Well it's the bit about birds flying south for the winter. Now I live in Australia and the only thing south of here is Antarctica and even as a young child I knew it must be pretty cold down there in the summer and a lot worse in the winter so why were they flying south. Well I was also a very well behaved child and so I NEVER dared to question those who knew more than me and so I held this belief for a long long time.

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