Collection 24 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 24

Didn't you enjoy the hours you passed as a child making and throwing paper planes?
C24 Planes of pear
Ribbons again...sorry if you didn't enjoy them as much as I did. Actually I'm surprised how many of the block names have ribbon in them
C24 Ribbon Aflutter

Ouch! You have to admit the design looks just like someone or something being jabbed.
C24 Psychedelic Swirl

I think it was the swirling in the background that made my head go round on Psychedelic Swirl.
C24 Ouch!

Good Morning was the very first block I made for Raconteur and of course you can guess when it was made :)
C24 Good Morning

I know it isn't a Bali type print but the design does suggest Balinese fabric to me at least.
C24 Too Tight

Well those tiny triangles surrounding the central star definitely look Too Tight if you ask me, and it was tight sewing them in.
C24 Bali Jungle

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