The Joys of Plane Trips

Well have finally returned from Houston. Fantastic quilt show and a definite must if you ever have the opportunity. Will upload some photos when I get the chance but tonight just thought I would tell you abut our flight home.

Paul had figured that two days would be enough and so we flew into Houston Wednesday evening, spent two days at the show and then went off on a cruise around the Caribbean. If you ever want to pick up a cheap cruise leave your booking until a week before it departs.. we scored over 80% discount which isn't to be sneezed at.

At the end of the cruise all that was left was the long haul flight home. Paul has these over to counter antihistamines which they say sometimes may make one drowsy. Well they totally zonk me out. Anyway as we had to fly from LA to Sydney I decided that I may as well have one and get some sleep. 

Don't know how long I'd been asleep but I semi woke up when I tried to get a 'comfortable' position. Lights are all on rather than dimmed as per usual but I think little of this and go back to sleep. I repeat this again sometime later and as I move Paul tells me that we are going to have an emergency landing. 
As I roll over I think, 'Thanks, just what I want to know when I can't swim. We are going down and I'm going to drown!' I then promptly fall asleep again. I told you these tablets are lethal. 

Sometime later I again wake as I roll over, plane seats in economy have never been known for their comfort. Paul says we have landed in Hawaii. This wasn't on our flight plan last time I'd looked but I figured at least I hadn't had to swim. I roll over and go back to sleep.

Well after we arrive back in Sydney, two hours late but alive and not wet, I complain to Paul about his unsettling news. 'Like how was I expected to get decent sleep with the thought that the plane was going down in the middle of the Pacific.'

He doesn't believe the bit about not getting any sleep as I managed to sleep almost the entire 18 hour flight... it was supposed to be 14 hour flight. 

As it turned out there had been a medical emergency. Announcements had been made regularly over the intercom, first asking for any doctor on board and then informing passengers of the emergency and need for the diversion.  This forced them to divert to Hawaii where paramedics came racing down the plane and carried this little old lady out. She was seated about five rows in front of us.

After which we had to wait for the plane to be refuelled and then continued to Australia.
I'd missed the whole thing. Instead I had the occasional thought that perhaps it wouldn't hurt if I knew what part of the plane was on fire or had fallen off... in between sleeping that is :-)

The joys of flying.

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