Collection 25 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 25

It's so long since I made these blocks that some are hard to remember where the names came from..oops. Let's see how we go.
C25 Fairy on a Stick

Kimberley Gem - the name came from the diamond shape although I doubt very much that pink diamonds are found in that area.
C25 Kimberley Gem

Fairy on a Stick - doesn't the ring of triangles remind you of the windmill behind the fairies on a stick we used to treasure from our country shows.
C25 Occidental

The fabrics in Occidental simply suggested the name here.
Just like the sparrows in your garden those in Sparrow's Flight too are going every which way but straight.
C25 Sparrow's Flight Too

Space Invaders - do you remember those table top machines with all of the little aliens marching along as you spent an absolute fortune trying to shoot them?
C25 Kanuka

Kanuka - I have absolutely no idea on this one. The word means nothing to me. Nice colours though.
C25 Space Invaders

Well the yellow bubbles reminded me of the dried bushes that fly through the desert and the pointed arrows of windmill arms in Windmills of Dust.
C25 Windmills of Dust

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