Mary Continues Hopping Along

 Well I have been active but unfortunately not always successful with the designs. I added my next border on deciding that the light one was the way to go. However as you can see the light coloured hexagons are just too stark and stand out. At this stage nothing goes together and all you can see is a blob in the middle followed by at dark border with white blobs in the outer border. Not happy.
So what was the solution? Well unpick the outer border...why not it only took me about a week to sew it on and not surprisingly it took almost as long to unpick. 
Next I decided to try a darker brown.
when I started it looked good and also in the sunlight ....but..

 in any other situation it looked just too dark so back to frog stitching. It would be lovely to say it gets faster as one goes but it doesn't. Although each seam is only 1/4in would you be surprised to learn there are three or four stitches on each of those. 
I'm glad this time I hadn't actually attached the border.

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