Collection 23 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 23

Didn't we all love Lime Sundaes when we were young....or did you call it a spider as my friend Terri does?
C23 Lime Sundae

The colours in the fabric made it appear to simply Pop!  out
C23 Pop!

No idea where the name Cotton Spice came from. It just seemed right.
C23 Whirling Too

Well with two blades whirling what could have been a more appropriate name :)
C23 Cotton Spice

Sweet Caress doesn't the title just bring back those delightful memories of being wrapped up in your true loves arms...and I don't mean it so sound soppy either.
C23 Sweet Caress

Those pieces were so small that there could be no better description than Itsy Bitsy.
C23 Flowing Ribbons

As a child I loved ribbons and even these days of all the rhythmic gymnastics events the ribbons are my favourite.
C23 Itsy Bitsy

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