Cucumber Sandwiches

Strange name for a quilt I know but whenI was a child I had always considered it strange that people would meet for afternoon tea and have cucumber sandwiches... that this was what the 'better' people did.  Strange what young children think?
Anyway this is a block from my new stitchery quilt.  The designs come from my quilt 'Raconteur' which I am still in the process of making ... and probably will be for a year or two as it is now up to 436 different blocks.... oh for some forward planning rather than my  usual whimsical this seems like a good idea planning.
Anyway I think there will be either eight  different blocks in 'Cucumber Sandwiches' ... although I have already drawn up seven of these I have also started doing another different set on osnaburg so I don't know when anything will be finished... oh for an attention span longer than two weeks.
I did a mental count of WIPs and can count more than twenty at present.  I hate to think how many I actually have since this was only counting what I can remember without bothering to look for them.

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