Sorry no can do - Raconteur

Hi everyone,
I have spent several hours most days for the past month trying to convert my hand drawn designs to computer ones and am unable to do it.  Ben, the fellow who was helping me, has also finally called it a day as for some reason the program we were using just doesn't like my computer.  

It takes me two or three hours minimum to draw a hexagon but as soon as I save it the whole thing is covered with lines all over the top.  Although when I print the lines disappear the downfall of this is that I can't save as I go and so if I make an error everything is back to square one.  Also I am unable to save it to the blog without the lines... figured it is better to enjoy myself sewing rather than struggling with the computer!

So I must say sorry to those of you who were waiting to try some of these designs.  Hopefully I can get the whole thing published when it is finished.


Erica Spinks said...

Hi Cinzia - just wonderng what program you used? Have you tried using EQ6 to draw your designs? Erica

cinzia said...

have been using vector works. I looked at EQ6 but although it does have some hexagons it is based on a square - you modify the square to get the hexagon; the extra details I need made it even harder than vector works.