Richard hits the local newspaper

While talking to Richard this morning on google chat he nonchalantly mentioned that there was an article about him in the local paper.  Me being the mum of course immediately went out and bought a copy of the paper.  Paul being more the talkative person continued chatting to him and discovered that it could be viewed online.  Mind you one advantage I had over Paul was that I discovered that Richard was also on the front page!  Isn't he cute!
His article was even popular enough that he reached number 3 in the most popular stories for the day.... and I have the print out to prove it.  Yes I am very proud of him and I agree with the person who left the comment on the site that he was handsome!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone - to Richard on such a prestigious recognition of his hard work & potential, and to proud parents Cinzia & Richard.

Good luck to Richard in everything you do!

:-) sue :-)
your qdu friend :-)