Friday Flaunt

Well I hadn't realised that we had reached the end of the month until I checked the emails tonight and discovered everyone was flaunting. 

My biggest flaunt has to be Turkish Delight.  Although I have flaunted it before my flaunt is the fact that it won an award at the recent Sydney Quilt show, for best use of hand dyed fabrics. 

I used almost 300 different coloured fabrics and all except those in the outer row of stars were my own attempts. 

Some might say shows what mastery that I was able to get so many different colours.  Personally I would say shows what skill that I could repeat my recipe numerous times - exactly and yet obtain a different colour each time :)

As for actual sewing this month, well last month, I have actually had a productive month although not a lot is actually completed.  

 My tie quilt, which is one of my 10 in 10 targets would have been finished except that I have now decided it needs a border... so back to the WIPs pile it goes.   I have since taking this photo though added another row and joined all of the blocks together using red strips, looks quite smart.  Hopefully it will be finished this year.

I also finished two baby quilts.  One you can see here, while the other I posted to my nephew on Monday when he announced that Bailey Kate had been born. 

They were very impressed that I was able to whip up a pink quilt so quickly.  I did mention that although it was an easy quilt the only reason they received it before the child's first Xmas was because I had made two, this blue one and the other pink one.

Other than that all that I can flaunt is approximately 2,000 1/4in hexagon papers which I have cut in preparation for my next long term project.  I didn't photograph them as it really was depressing when I worked out how many I had... my calculations are that I will need at least ten times that many for the project.


Linda said...

Congrats again on your Turkish Delight win. It's a gorgeous quilt, and knowing that you dyed so many of the fabrics makes it even more amazing.

I, for one, would love to hear more/see more of your 1/4-inch hexies. Sounds intimidating... but very interesting.

Munaiba said...

Your Turkish Delight was one of my favourites quilts at the Sydney Quilt Show. Well done!

Fran C said...

Congrats on the prize for Turkish Delight it is a fantastic quilt, the tie quilt is different as well. Baby quilts they are all gorgeous.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your win, what a wonderful thrill for you!! And so nice to see the other quilts too, good work.