Friday Flaunt - Shirt Quilt

Earlier this year I attended a retreat where the challenge was to make a quilt using only recycled flannel shirts.  A friend of mine donated a pile of unwanted flannel shirts to the project and from twelve of these I made this beauty?  

It was a lot of fun  and quite a quick quilt.  I could have made it as a QAYG but when I started it I had no idea what I would do ..initially it was to be a square in a square but i found this too boring after adding just four or five pieces.  Also I didn't want it to be a project that I needed to stress over.  So although the principal is square in a square the process is nowhere near as accurate.

The separate blocks were quilted and then it was put together using a second hand pair of men's pyjamas for the sashing in a QAYG method.  I am really enjoying the freedom and ease that the QAYG process allows and am actually improving.  My latest quilt you can't even tell it was QAYG as there is no sashing on the front nor the back.

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