Blog Tour Winner

Well thank you to everyone who particiapted in the blog tour.  It was lots of fun although extremely hectic as my modem died on Monday night and it wasn't until today... and four modems later... that I have been a ble to reliably connect to the innternet from home.  Luckily I was able to keep up to date with what was happening in the blog tour from work, but most days time was limited.

Now for what everyone wants to husband chose number 85 as the lucky number and the winner is Susie Rhodes from Fortville IN, don't know what IN stands for but that is no problem as the people fromQuiltmaker are sending her the magazine direct and they are US also:)  Thank you again to everyone who entered the tour and the competiton.  Looking forward to actually seeing the magazine.  It is due to   hit the newsagents November 16th in the US, but I don't know when for us in Oz.


Linda said...

IN is the state of Indiana, on the south side of the Great Lakes which is considered the "Midwest." Congratulations to her.

And thanks for your giveaway, Cinzia. Though didn't win yours, I won a copy of the magazine from another designer. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the blocks.

Susie said...

I received my copy in the mail earlier this week. (Sorry for the delay in replying. My internet has been on the fritz!) Thank you again for having the giveaway! I was shocked when I won!

My only problem now is trying to figure out where I want to start first!