Scatterdays Announcement 1

Scatterdays starts this Saturday.  For the first round you will have two weeks to find and upload your pictures but after that it will be one week between my announcement and your blog display.  I have allowed two weeks for the first round as this is a busy time and as I thought it would be good for the displays to start with the new year.

If anyone misses the announcement of the letter and categories this will always be updated at the top of the side column on my blog.  Also just to the right here
is a full list of participants with direct links to their blogs. Could everyone please check that the link works and get back to me if it is either not working or incorrect?

If you would like to add all/some of the links to your own blog it is very easy >>>> go to settings >>>>> layout >>>> add a gadget >>>> select the gadget blog list and add them in the box that turns up.  If this isn't clear and you would like more info plz get back to me.

As I am also running this through SCQ there will be four categories with the fourth being a quilt related one everytime... some will be easy and some perhaps not so, while the other three will be random. There are many new categories from last time as I will be using my category source from a game I devised for school and it has some very different categories to the original game.

Looking forward to seeing all of the new entries.  Come and join us.  If your name isn't listed then contact me with details of your blog and I will add it to the list

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Robin Quilts, etc. said...

I must be missing something, I can't find your email address in order to join Scatterdays.