Terrifying Turn Tumbles V Scatterday

Alzough unpuntual end vizout ze pictures ze post iz finally here

Ze veather last Vednesday voz vet end violent ven ze village vagabonds ventured forth vid out ze necessary Romanian violet garlic vase necessary to vord off ze voracious vampires.

Wrapped within ze vibrant veil zay vandered verily until zey veered into ze vehicle verging on ze village velodrome. Vair voz he now?

Vy vaulting ze vertex of ze village venue of vership ov course!

Zair vould uv been zay pictures if zee iPad vould ave vorked!!!


Vireya said...

Vell it raised a smile here even wivout the visuals!

Pauline Mitchell said...

You do get around! This sounds like 'Lost in a Middle European Nightmare'. Were you vriting vile you vere sleeping?

aubirdwoman said...

hahaha thanks goodness someone else has Technology problems.
vrilliant vost veven vithouth votos.