Collection 34 & 35

C34 Champs Elysee Alight 
C34 English Garden

C34 White Wall Tiles 
C35 Reunion
Four more blocks from Carol. She is now up to Collection 35 and so it can't be too long before we start to see her completed collections.

The blocks from Collection 34 were made during our trips visiting our son PJ, who lived and studied in Paris and the UK. 

If you ever have the chance to travel both are worth the time. The real thing leaves the photos in school day books for dead. 

Paris is perfect if you are an early riser as most Parisians are not and so we would wander the streets alone, just like those romantic stories one sees in the movies..well the old fashioned movies that we like to watch.

Although the block is called English Garden in truth this garden was also seen in Paris, but it so reminded me of the order that I expected in an English Garden rather than what would be found in Paris. Mind you I have no idea what I expect a French garden to look like.
C34 Solid Gold

How many old hotels have those plain White Wall Tiles?

Reunion was made one weekend when I caught up with a couple of old friends and so the repetition of three things in the block was the three of us.

Solid Gold ..hmmm no idea where that name came from is it perhaps the fabric used. On checking the original blocks I can see that must have been the reason. Mind you Carol's choice is definitely more gold than mine.

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