Collection 2 revisited in Nursery Rhymes

Collection 2

Well here are a few more blocks from Nursery Rhymes. All of these come from Collection 2 and so I have included it here so you can compare. As you can see these fabrics still have a similar feeling to those from the original Raconteur. I again stayed with the pale or light background and the stronger colour for the feature. 
This time around I am keeping the one fabric for the background throughout and I'm not too sure that I like it. Unfortunately I have cut and sewn too many blocks to go back and redo them. We will see what the finished quilt looks like. 
I have added another border this time around  as I wanted to try a different kind of sashing. 
C2 Cafe Creme

block 2
C2 I Love Lucy

Although it looks like just another round of border that is only because of my poor photoshop skills. The outer colour border is in truth a set of whirling arms. 
The idea was good but I am having difficulties with the layout and so am having to work another design. 
The problem of the whirling arms was that the blocks end up sitting slightly off straight as I didn't guess the correct width to use for the sashing. I have been trying out different options on the computer but none have really excited me.
C2 Creme de Chantilly

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