C49 Looking for Isobel

Coincidences are a strange thing.
Carol sent these photos to me over a couple of days and today when uploading them I was surprised that all of them reminded me of pleasant events experienced since joining with Paul.
C48 Pacman's Revenge

Grandma was Paul's mum and she was the most delightful person you could meet. She loved gardening and always had the most glorious flowers in her home..sometimes purchased but other times home grown.
C49 Grandma's Garden

Pacman... shows my age I know but this was my favourite computer game when I first met Paul. We met while training to teach deaf children and at times we would skip classes and wander through Sydney Uni with Paul pointing out significant places from his uni days.
Always we would stop in at the student bar and play this 'wonderful' these days wouldn't touch it!
C49 Just the Two of Us

Funny Carol chose pig covered fabric for this block...what is she implying :)

Kendall was our dog, a labrador-retriever cross. Definitely our best friend for many years.
C49 Kendall

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