Carol & Collection 58

Collection 58

Well Carol has definitely been steaming away whilst I have been overseas. Collection 58 .... almost to the end. Then we will have the fun of seeing how she combines them. I joined the blocks so that the colours complemented each other with no preconception beforehand. This is a sampler for her to join as she wishes. Can't wait!
C58 Smiling in Red

Smiling in Red and Celtic Gem I recognise both of those fabrics. Would check to see where they were in Raconteur but it is amazing how hard it can be to track down a particular fabric in that quilt.
C58 Celtic Gem

 Stripes would have to be my favourite, every wonky ones
C58 A New Kingdom

Garden Party would you believe me if I told you that there are seven different fabrics in each triangle ... and the triangle is less than 2in high!
A New Kingdom was designed in the middle of the night... no wonder it has so many tiny pieces. No one in their right mind would 'plan' on that many pieces!
C58 Garden Party

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