Collection 22 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 22

The Future Awaits doesn't the design remind you of those science fiction movies where people go into a trim travel machine and then they spin off to somewhere else .. or perhaps it reminds you of the spotless nurses uniforms?
C22 The Future Awaits

Ribbons of Peace what a peaceful coloured block. If only the world could be so peaceful and enjoy the ribbons of children playing in the parks and laughing.
C22 Ribbons of Peace

Nuclear Free  amazing how so many of this month's blocks have a theme of fear of the future.
C22 Isobel's Flight

Isobel was the first person I designed and wrote a pattern for. She had liked one of my other patterns and wanted to modify it. When I suggested this one she jumped at it. I should find a photo of her quilt and upload it.
C22 Nuclear Free

Rhonda is a dear friend. Full of life and laughter she was always the life of the party and of course she loved spots. This fabric came from her stash.
C22 Rhonda Loves Spots

When touring Alaska  we tried our hand at gold panning but alas were so successful we had to return to our day jobs as they say :)
C22 WorkingTogether

Working Together was the melding of two designs. I think it may have looked more dramatic if I had used two colours for the design but didn't want that in this quilt.
C22 Looking for Gems

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