Collection 29 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 29
Doesn't the pink fabric in the background remind you of a young girl's Rosy Cheeks?
C29 Algae Blooms

The triangles suggested people sitting on the edge of the space, all scared they would be the wallflower of the occasion.
C29 Rosy Cheeks

Algae Blooms
Definitely a springtime block. Are you able to picture the stagnant creek beds where mosquitoes and algae thrive.
C29 Wallflower Fears

The slanted triangles definitely suggest Cats' Eyes.
C29 Cat's Eyes

The chubby baby would peer out from his Baby Bonnet in days gone by.
C29 Baby Bonnet

Flowers bloom and fill our gardens with many delights Before the Autumn.
C29 Fields of Heather

In truth I grew up with fields filled with Patterson's Curse but Fields of Heather sounded a lot more romantic. 
C29 Before the Autumn

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