Photographing Your Quilt

I have been a bit slack today and not feeling like quilting at all so spent some time surfing the net. I thought it was about time that I improved on my photographing skills. I am able to crop etc quite well but figured that if I spent more time photographing correctly in the first place then I would need to spend less time cropping and fixing later. 

In case anyone else wants to improve their photography skills in regards to quilt photography not other types of photography here are some good places to start. Both of these blogs are for the average person using normal camera not whizz bang expensive can do anything type cameras. Hey there is even explanation on using a phone camera. 

So grab a coffee and off you go...

1. The first stop is Quilty Pleasures a blog run by staff from Quiltmaker. This post is by Shayla who loves to photograph quilts. Her tips are a perfect place for the beginner to start with.

2. Another fantastic blog is by Holly Knot on the blog Shoot That Quilt! Holly has been offering tips to quilters for many years now so check it out also. Holly covers everything you need to consider from camera, lighting, closeup and even a gallery of wrongs :-) 
You will also find links to some great resources.

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