Collection 34 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 34

I always think of an English Garden as a subtle restful place with delicate flowers here and there.
English Garden

Paul loves gardening and could spend forever there ... even at night with stars in the sky if able :-)
White Wall Tiles

The lime green in this block looked as stark as White Wall Tiles in a new building. Funny it doesn't look as stark in the finished quilt.
Follow Your Heart

Yes I know the saying once in a blue moon. At the time this block was made there were so many once in Blue Moon events that I had to make a series of them.
Blue Moon

The long strips in Solid Gold appeared a lot more definite in the finished block than they did in the design.
Through the Roses

Which is the maze, the pink roses or the green path that meanders Through the Roses?
Solid Gold

Well of course you will all immediately guess where I was when I made Champs Elysee Alight and what I'd been up to the previous night ... Paris is beautiful. I'm so glad PJ studied there for a few years.
Champ Elysee Alight

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