Scatterday Y

Ah well I mucked it up.  Didn't read Michelle's page correctly and so have already finished next week's scattergories ... definitely a Type A personality which I have recently discovered is not good.
So for  this week there are more photos to demonstrate how differently we all think.

Animal - well at this time of year the most obvious one would be the YULETIDE GIFT BEARER.  I was intending to photograph one of the reindeer but we didn't receive even one card with a reindeer on it this year so I suppose it had to be the big guy himself.  Then when you think about it he is the real gift bearer rather than his trusty steeds.

School Days - I realise this isn't what we would like to think about for school days but both Paul and I came up with the same response and so I figured it must be accurate.  Although not as youthful as he once was I still feel he makes a fair fist of the YAWNING YOUTH.  

Now last but no least is green - another easy one as I have been busily making YELLOW AND GREEN YO YOS.  
All I now need is some idea on what to do with them:-)

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