Scatterday- letter between N and P

Shriek my typewriter has just 25 useable letter keys. An unnamed individual recently spilt a darkened tinged beverage in its vicinity and rendered a key useless. Alas this week's challenge requires its usage. A repair wasn't viable and similarly time restraints meant that replacement was unattainable.

I have attempted 2 fulfill the week's requirements but alas as I am unable 2 actually name the subjects my desire is that the clues will suffice.

Within the library's depths there lurks many a MADE UP CREATURE determinedly striking fear against the unsuspecting child. Shrek is just a recent example of these creatures, but they have plagued many a child's lives and dreams.

What image is sadder that an unwanted PARENTLESS PUP but when embraced in tender arms by their new carer a sweetness permeates the scene

Called Hawaii by the crass traveller the BIG ISLAND'S NATIVE NAME triggers many images. Despairingly the years have rendered many a Hawaiian heritage building unusable including this early example which was the first place where early migrant CLERKS FILED THEIR DAILY PAPERS AND TASKS detailing the activities happening within the area. Vehicles these days are restricted and may exclusively travel in a unique way whilst traveling in the vicinity. Hey - pretty snazzy snaps were taken during my last cruise -agree?


Pennie & David said...

Well my brain has totally turned to mush after trying to work this Scatterday out LOL But Hey! I love that old building aren't the rocks amazing!

Lindi said...

I love puzzles, and yours was great, Cinzia. I even proof-read it, to see if you had used any Os. You very nearly succeded! 2 tos and 1 of.
You're a clever clogs!

Cinzia said...

I had read and reread that scatterday 2 many days 2 keep track and never picked either...2 I was able 2 change but alas the last was unachievable!

Dy said...

For a girl without an O you have done marvelously well! :-)

Michelle Watters said...

You set a marvellous challenge for yourself and I loved your pics.

Fran said...

Isn't it amazing that an O could disappear almost comprehensively between Today and Thursday! Well done!

aykayem said...

u could say "a recent expample is Shrek - him being such a creature"
... very clever though - your scatterday posts are way funnier than mine!