Scatterday X


Dear Friends,
It is a long time since I have written and so will fill you in on the happenings in the White household.

Paul-James, our eldest boy and a confirmed XENOPHILE, is now truely happy having moved to Paris to study. Yes we did have concerns about his total lack of French but this does not appear to have been too great a handicap as he now resides in the Portugese House at Cite U. His lack of knowledge of Portugese is proving a greater handicap but has not prevented him from forging friendships with those around him. 

Richard, once a bookworm but now an XTREME SPORTSMAN has also moved out to live on campus. This winter he will race ducks for Thirroul and has managed so far to remain uninjured. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for his crew person who came close to being hospitalised just last week. When attempting to navigate the high seas during a mass rescue drill Richard threw him out of the duck and then ran over the top of him. From all reports he was black and blue all over as well as in need of stitches to his upper thigh.

With boys having left home Paul has more time to devote to his garden and has decided to venture into XERIC gardens as his contribution to the environment and in line with the water restrictions we have been experiencing over the years. He has managed to source several XERIC plants and feels these should survive well in our yard as we never water anyway and the labels stated they need dry environments.

As for me, well although I once enjoyed xstitiching now days I'm quilting. Last year I made a quilt from some fabrics that I won. Although the fabric designs were vastly different to what I like they had such a gorgeous feel I couldn't resist hand piecing them. Funny though when I finished the quilt the paths were overpowered by dominant Xs.

Hope you have enjoyed my catch up note and I will try to write more often.

Love Cinzia, Paul and Kendall (our dog for those who don't know)

PS the only contribution I could find for Kendall is that he has a continuous desire for eXtra food

Xenofile - a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.
duck - inflatable rubber rescue boat
xeric - adapted to an extremely dry habitat.


Michelle Watters said...

Xcellent Cinzia. Love the quilt pattern. But in no way do I ever want to be in that duck!

Pennie & David said...

Wonderful family update, thank you for that. I had to go and look up xeric while I was reading and there was an explanation at the bottom! very clever Cinzia.

Christina said...

I was going to ask that question what is a Xenophile thanks. Very clever no Xrays or Xlyophones. By the way deleted the first comment on my blog didn't check the link out to dangerous I think, may have to start monitoring them

Quiltycat said...

An interesting post and insight to your family! So a trip to Paris soon? C

cinzia said...

Paris in October may not sound as romantic as Paris in the Springtime but definitely looking forward to it

Dy said...

Wow, a ride in that duck looks terrifying!!

Lindi said...

X/X, Cinzia!