Time is Running Out

Only seven days to go until we leave for Alaska.... I have to start sewing my pants soon as I only have one pair of heavy weight.  
Bought a couple of daggy pairs recently and only need to trim the legs down a bit and they will be OK.  Have even cut out another pair from some double knit I bought about eight years ago... top of the fashion then.  
I suppose that is one advantage to being 'old' you don't have to worry about following the fashion. Actually I do follow fashion sometimes.  Unfortunately by the time I start to follow them they are no longer fashionable.  And if I am actually making the item then there is quite a high chance that it will be fashionable AGAIN by the time I get around to doing it.  
If it wasn't for the upcoming trip then the 'proposed' ski pants would still be languishing in the proposed pile!.

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Tania said...

Oh my LORDY! I am reading this on the 14th - you need to get off the computer and do some serious packing! (have a wonderful time).