Holiday Prep Started

Well we leave shortly for our trip and as I had a feeling that I might not mange to finish all of my must do tasks I even arose early this morning and started my sewing. Now you may mistakenly believe that I started sewing the ski pants which I plan to live in for most of the trip but no.. there was something even more urgent....luggage tags. I have wanted some bright ones for ages and saw some beauties on my last trip but at $17 each thought it was a bit over the top. So now two hours after rising we have our own luggage tags. 

What do you think of them?
Off to have breakfast and then hopefully sew some ski pants!


Jodie said...

I think your luggage tags are great, and hope they make you bags stand out in a sea of suitcases!

Valerie said...

Oh I love these! How smart!

Banaghaisge said...

Fabulous! And can we have a progress pic of the ski pants (or were you joking when you said you had to whip up a pair???).
Have a wonderful trip. Is this with Cathy Miller on board?

cinzia said...

No I wasn't joking about the ski pants and I am still procrastinating. As far as I know Cathy Miller isn't on my cruise... I'm just doing a see everything before it melts kind of cruise... followed by a hope the bears are awake tour:(

Nicole and Phil said...

great tags....but the photo is freaking me out, cause you have your address on there......can you take new photos without your address in there, and leave it blank...or photoshop the picture to make it are away for a holiday....and someone might take that as a perfect opportunity to break in???

Robin and Jenny said...

Great idea - enjoy your trip, won't you. We went to Juneau Alaska several years ago in the height of summer. No ski clothes needed, would you believe that we were wearing shorts and tee shirts?

Jenny from Upper Hutt, New Zealand