Almost Home.

Well our holiday is almost over... and there are still no snaps up on the blog. But just wait until I get a chance.

Our final leg home was postponed when China Air cancelled our last flight and so what should have been a three hour stop over has been stretched to 36 hours. Lucky we didn't have further connecting flights like some of the others. We have been put up in a hotel in Taipei and today were taken on a five hour tour of the city... fantastic. Will upload photos sometime next week.

Yes we do have some photos - I took almost 2000 and Paul took about 800! Paul suggested we invite over anyone who we don't want to revisit and show them ALL of our snaps... how horrific. I can still remember being forced to watch 'hjoliday' snaps of some friends of the family.... wll one way to clear out unwanted visitors - or at least guarantee they won't come back.

Looking forward to being home again. As wonderful as other places are they don't match home.

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