Frenzied Friday - Autumn Stars

These were actually sewn about two or maybe even three years ago when I was into English paper piecing but thought I would do a bit of quilting this week. 

The star on the right is the front of the block while the star on the left is the back, making it into a double-sided QAYG project. The corner diamonds on the front is made of four different diamonds and the star of seven pieces, while the green in the back is a single piece and the yellow frames are each separate.

I decided to simply echo 1/4in from the main seams  on the front and these lines are more easily seen on the back.  I haven't yet decided how many blocks to make but have finished, but not quilted, four more blocks.

Haven't decided yet if I will call it a day and simply use them as placemats or continue onwards and make a quilt out of the blocks.  

The problem really comes down to joining the blocks together.   As the front and back are different there is a seam along the edge of each block meaning that it would probably be difficult to join them securely.. oh for the foresight to plan further than the next step when I start a project:)  .. and a down side of doing points so accurately along the edge.. there is nowhere to fudge an extra 1/4in to add a covering seam :(


Sally Westcott said...

They are perfect! What size are they?

eugenia said...

I love them - what ever you do with them, they are fabulous!

cinzia said...

Thanks Sally,
across the widest point they are 10in, makes each of the sides 5in

Fran C said...

These are perfect what will you use them for?

cinzia said...

No real idea of what to do with them... another one of my start a project and think about it later affairs!

Julie said...

I am amazed that they are as large as they are, the photograph makes them seem deceptively small! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with them.

Banaghaisge said...

Keep making more - it looks like a wonderful start!!! I think they will join together more securely than you imagine, too.
You could fussy cut the star points couldn't you? Maybe it could be a friendship one and other pple could make stars for you. I will make one. What colours are you aiming for in the long run?
Where did you get the pattern?

cinzia said...

The design is my own and I am/was planning for an autumn coloured quilt. Bought many browns and golden yellows with a few deep reds. I have paper pieced about ten. Hopefully will get back to it soon. thank you for your lovely offer.