Friday Flaunt

Well here is my third fourth attempt at making a journal cover.  I do agree that it is very similar to the one I flaunted a few weeks ago but that is only because I blatantly copied it.  
Although my quilting skills are not as good as Robyn's I still think it turned out pretty well.
I did learn one thing while making it and that is to only work while I am in the mood.  Once I hit the "I want to finish this" stage I have to stop.  The quilting in the red section was done when I should have called it a day and the stitches are a trifle bigger than the rest.  We all live and learn.

This will be a birthday present for Khanam, my son's girlfriend, and the cover fits an art book as she has just started painting.  Isn't it a bummer to have your birthday so close to Xmas.


Linda said...

It's a very pretty art journal cover! She will love it.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - I love the way you combined the fabrics.

Julie said...

Looking good, any practice is good practice!

ozjane said...

Looks yummy.

aubirdwoman said...

oh no definitely not a bummer having a birthday close to Christmas...says one who knows.
Especiallyl when one gets such a lovely present.

linda stokes said...

Looks great Cinzia!