No Friday Flaunt

Too much has been happening here this week and so I have had no chance to get a needle out. 
Our home has exploded from a quiet two person abode to six people.  PJ, eldest son is home from Paris with his gorgeous girlfriend, Khanam. 
It is marvelous to see your children when they return from a long time away.  We only see him every Xmas as he has been studying overseas for about four years now.  Just after returning he received an email offering him scholarships for another two years of study in another french university so he is really pleased with that.  It also looks as if Khanam will be able to accompany him and so plans are now afoot for their new life together.
My sister, Charmaine and her son Kye have also moved in with us and will be staying a while. 
Life can change so quickly without warning.

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