Friday Flaunt - Highways

Well I have finally done it.  

I have had numerous requests for this pattern on my  website but when I explained that it was king size and not easily modified people asked if I could design a similar quilt for queen sized beds.  Here it is  - Highways!
Well actually the photo is still of the original king size quilt, Trails.  I must admit that although I have finished the queen sized pattern.. and had it checked over I am still in the process of actually making the sample.

Highways has only 16 circles and 24 paths and so it has to be quicker to make than the  original.
I am hoping that one of the people who buys it, works faster than I do.  If I am very lucky  when finished they will also be happy for me to use their quilt photo on the website.  We will have to see.

Anyway even if you don't want to buy a pattern check out the website.  I like it!


blessed speedy said...

Lovely - have to put it on my "one day" list. Actually would love to make it NOW but Im trying to be good and finish off stuff!

Dorothy B said...

Wow Cinzia, the quilt is brilliant! I'm too much in awe - don't think I could ever make one like that!

Barbara Bieraugel said...

Cinzia this is an absolute knock out quilt. I only dream of creating such an innovative quilt.
Barbara in Hawaii