Friday Flaunt

Well it has been a while since I flaunted but I have been busy.  I know you will find this hard to believe, but I have now finished four of my 10 in ten projects.  

Over a month ago I finished the quilts for the twins so 5 and 6 were gone;  I completed a calendar quilt a couple of weeks ago so there goes 9; and the biggie of them all is Turkish Delight, number 3, which I will finish today.... I wrote this post last night and by the time that this post is uploaded I should be finished ... or well on the way to finishing it.  

I had parts of it professionally quilted and then added extra bits which I felt  it needed and all in all I am now very pleased with it.   The pictures that I have here are of the back which shows the quilting up beautifully I feel.  

So four down and only six to go. 


Linda said...

Oh, doesn't it feel good to be crossing to-do projects off your list?! I'm very happy for you to have finished this one; it's especially pretty with the very nice quilting. Good for you Cinzia!

Fran C said...

Melbourne CBD Scquilters have a UFO challenge this year, so we can all try to clear out the back log. I have finished 2 and redone one. Love the quilting when do we get to see the front?

Jenny said...

The back looks pretty good - so when will see the front? On the next Friday Flaunt perhaps?