Sydney Guild Challenge entry

Well I would love to say here is my entry for this year's guild suitcase challenge.... all finished and da dahh!!! But and this is a big but I muffed it.  Made the star months ago.  Finished the quilting about two weeks ago.  Bought the binding. Cut off the excess.  Sewed on the binding.  Found the entry form and started to fill it in..... read the challenge guidelines.. reread them.. went looking for the original entry form... read those.... OOPs  
My delightful quilt, which I struggled to find an extra piece of fabric when I was short one 2in square in the making is a well balanced 16in by 18in which makes it just a mere 6in TOO SHORT!
Phooey!  Oh well no rush now to finish the binding off is there.  Unfortunately I think it is also too small to go into the regular show as it isn't a miniature... win some you lose some.
At least I now know how I will need to modify my colour placement for my feathered star bed quilt which has been in the planning for only six/seven years!

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Hey Cinzia for future reference put a fringe on the bottom..mine was 2 inches short once and I just bought some braid and blinged it with beads the same colour as the is lovely all the same, when is that challenge being judged..I am waiting eagerly.cheers Pat Dwyer