Where does the time go?

Well today is Richard's 21st birthday?  
Where did the years go?  
Richard is my baby and he is studying in the US.
Here is a photo he recently sent us of his trip to Norway.  Isn't he good looking? 
No I'm not biased in the least.

Just two days ago he began the second year of his masters in biostatistics at Harvard.  He is now living with some friends in South Boston - crime central for those of you who don't know the area:)  

To celebrate his birthday he planned to spend the first few hours on the phone talking to us, his brother in England, his girlfriend in Norway... it's a different world these days isn't it.  

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quiltinbysea said...

In so many ways it is becoming a very small world.
By the by, love your e-mail tag line, gives me a laugh and I so agree with what you say.