Cover Completed

Well here it is my first cover.  Personally I think it's great but that is a totally biased opinion from a person who has worked really hard on this for way too long:)

It's funny but I finished this a few days ago and it was only last night while I was talking with my son on Gvideo, similar to Skype but with less interference.  Anyway as I was talking with him I was trying to upload this onto the net when I realised that I had an error in it. 

I had written the edge length for the small hexagons but the length across the longest middle for the large hexagon.  Wouldn't have been so bad but I have been busy scaffolding my patterns for the past week and that part was already set up in ALL of the blocks.  Oh well gave me something to do this morning....copy and paste the samething many times.  Hopefully I don't run across another repeated error.

Anyway what do you think of the cover layout?

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