Raconteur BOM

C2 The Rice Pickers
Well I am finally organised and for what you may ask... Well my new Block of the Month series. Starting the first of April I will be running a BOM. Each month, hopefully on the first day of the month, but at the lastest sometime in the first week I will be putting up on my website one miniature hexagon for free or almost free. 
If you want immediate download of the pattern it will cost 2c since paypal can't handle 0c sales and it didn't like my attempt at a 1c sale. 
If you don't have a paypal account, or don't want to pay, don't worry you can have the pattern for free simply place the BOM in your cart, proceed to checkout and then select to pay via money order. A link will open up with an invoice.  Simply ignore this. I will email the BOM link to you within two days.
C9 - Blackberry Freedom
Check out all of the details on my website.
If you want to see more of the miniature blocks from Raconteur close up check out this link.  Carol Le Maitre has been ploughing along like a steam train and it is great to see what a wide range of colours and fabrics she has used.

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