Late, late and late. Logging my progress for Scatterday L

Well I suppose it just had to be L stands for LATE. It is now 8:09am, well it was when I first opened the page, Saturday 27th April and I am just starting my L post.
How fast can I make it? As you will all no doubt guess there is no way that I will be able to actually take any of the photographs for this post so it will again be a steal from the internet. Where would one be without old Google and its images?

So here goes the morning's post.

8:12 managed to log on
8:13 fixed up spelling and typo errors from above piece
8:14 L is for sky . Lofty clouds in images got no hits
8:17 couldn't decide between a decent looking Lear jet and some lofty clouds... so here you have both.

8:18 boy I will be more than lucky if these things actually format correctly but one can only hope when one is desperate and LATE

8:19 Purple - this was always going to be lavendar as my neighbour grows lots of it. I haven't checked if any is in flower but again Goole images to the rescue

8:22 well three minutes wasted as the post images moved all over the place while I tried to add an 'l' to the words lots above... why do I make so many typos when rushing?

8:23 City - London. I know you probably won't believe this but I do have a photo of this same spot...somewhere on my camera.. somewhere being the most important word in that sentence.

8:25  Lap Quilt - now this is actually one of my own. I made Green Scrap several years ago and will today add a label to it and give it to a fantastic guy who lives down the road.
Viv is 92 years old and was to be the first person I had ever known who actually hit the 100 mark. I had joked with him last year about looking forward to his 100th birthday party because I have never known anyone who was 100. We had talked about what gifts to give to people who are so young and he said no gift was the best gift as they invariably have everything.

Unfortunately two weeks ago Viv was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been given only three months to live. He has opted for no treatment as he feels he has had a full life and has never recovered from the loss of his wife a couple of years ago. It will be a great loss felt by our whole community as he, and his wife Gwen, have always been real tireless in their efforts to make this a better world for everyone.
I will miss him.

8:36 upload


Vireya said...

Better late than never, Cinzia!

Very sad about your friend Viv. I hope he enjoys the quilt for his remaining time, and knows that he is loved and will be missed by many.

Pauline said...

Your quilt has a heart warming story. I hope your friend feels the comfort of your lovely quilt. Those lofty clouds are picturesque and hold lots of hope of rain!

aubirdwoman said...

At least Viv goes knowing he had a full life and was well loved.
I hoped he told you many stories. Stories are so important in our make up dont you think.

Ozjane said...

lovely stories and I am envious that you manage too make posts and writing fit together...maybe it is time I changed my blog display as I seem to waste a lot of space.

jacaranda said...

Beautiful story about Viv's quilt. I hope you treasure the memories, life is so short. Thank you for this challenge of Scatterdays. As the next letter comes through we sit and chat about all the different ideas for it.
It certainly exercises the brain and imagination.