Scatterday A - Where are we now?

Boy has this been a rush. It is now Friday and tomorrow is just one day away.
So for today's categories I have home, bird, junk and art
OK I know I have never seen a real life attic but I do have a space above our bedroom which could be classed as an attic..if one didn't have to get a ladder out to climb into it. But such is life. Here you have a photo of our attic door.

Now in here as may be seen from my photo is attic junk. If you look closely you will also see ancient boxes, aged toys and antiquated stuff. While I am certain that there is something valuable in there, if my husband cleans it out before I do, I know most of it will hit the tip.
There is probably also some ancient bird in there too but I think I am really pushing the boundary of what you, my reader will accept from slack me and so have found this on the web.  Pity it wasn't plant as I have a friend who actually paints the old fashioned watercolour style of botanical plants..but now I am really wandering... must say on task.

Last but not least for art from my sewing room I have a quilt I made years ago which is based on Australia's history.

 If you look from the left to the right the fabrics and images reflect the important things in our society over the times. Starting with the indigenous people, plants and animals, going through the English and merino sheep with mining, and other primary industries, the war, death, Bradman (could you have an Australian quilt without Bradman?) the immigrants and their quarter acre blocks to modern times of multiculturalism and the environment. Funny I made this quilt about 15 years ago and today's concerns/focus are still the same although focused in a different direction.


Vireya said...

Well done finding the "A"s on the last day! I must admit I was the same. I sat down at 10 o'clock last night and realised I had forgotten to go and take one of the pictures I was planning to use. Fortunately the internet saved the day.

There must be something valuable in your attic, although I can't climb ladders, so it is safe from me.

jacaranda said...

I would love to have an attic to rummage through. Pity Antiques Roadshow isn't in Australia, there might be a treasure lurking in there of great value.

aubirdwoman said...

lol do I detect a slight difficulty in finding said photos. The letters seem to get more difficult. But it is fun.